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Last night I, like many thousands of people tuned into Clubhouse, which is a new drop-in audio chat platform where you can discuss a range of topics. Imagine a Reddit forum mixed with a Ted Talk and you have a Clubhouse. Elon Musk was the center of attention last night, and he discussed everything from Tesla, Bitcoin, Memes and Populating Mars. Here were my key takeaways from that roughly 2 hour talk.

He’s Just a Man

Elon Musk is like a god to some people. An untouchable mythical figure you hear about, and see manifestations of in the form of cars and space ships…

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ROZI, Return On Zoom Interaction, aka the next company KPI. Companies have been forced to adopt the work from home culture, and for a lot of those businesses it’s here to stay.

Before the pandemic, employees who requested to work from home one day a week, had to prepare this detailed reasoning while giving the assurance that they’ll in fact work and will not miss a beat. All this anxiety ridden justification. Some companies viewed work from home as an excuse to be lazy and “bum around” at home, so they didn’t allow it, while others saw the value in…

“In order to know where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been”

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I’m sure you’ve heard before, “In order to know where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been”. And that couldn’t be more relevant or true than it is today. 2020 is practically half way done, and has been a year highlighted with challenging times. It seems that with each traumatizing event, 2020 says, “hold my beer”, and tries to top the last one it gave us. With the most recent event, the passing of George Floyd at the knee of a White American Police Officer, riots and protests have broken out in the streets of every major city…

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Do people sometimes not understand you? To you, what you’re saying makes perfect sense, but for some reason others ask, “What do you mean?”. Communication at its face value may seem like a no-brainer… “I talk, you listen…then we switch”. But there’s more to it than that. If you feel like you’re not quite getting your message across, then here’s some hacks I’ve learned from my years working across multiple successful organizations.

1. Tendency to be Quiet?

Everyone is wired differently. Just because you are quiet, does not mean you are “doomed” when it comes to communication. …

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Most everyone has been impacted somehow by the COVID-19 pandemic, and their lives have changed in some form. Everything from our work, families, relationships, dating, even the way we eat, has changed. But what if this change is not temporary? What if this pandemic sparked a once in a lifetime change we’ve been in dire need of for ages? It’s crazy to think we could be living through a time that could alter life forever as we know it.

Another Day at the Office

Just the other day I thought about how, wouldn’t it be crazy if one day my future kids asked me what…

A Kobe Bryant Story

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January 26th 2020

With the sports world currently on a pause, and stations playing back highlights over the years, I’ve had time to think about the the sports year so far, and January 26th is a day that will never go overlooked. A day that shook not just the sports world, but the entire world. On the morning of, no one wants to believe the headlines, many of us can’t even get through reading the entire headline before stopping just in sheer disbelief. I remember when the news was shared with me I laughed and said “Kobe? Kobe Bryant? It has to be…

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Key Skill: Collaboration

Collaboration skills are key whether you are an Individual Contributor, a People Manager, or transitioning between the two. It can be hard to pinpoint the exact steps to take to succeed at this skill, so here is a checklist you can refer to.

First of all…who are the Movers and Shakers

The first thing you should do when you start a new job, or at your existing job, is to identify who are the movers and shakers of the organization? How do they get things done and who do they rely on? Build relationships with these folks before you need help. You’ll find that you’ll have a more…

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I’m lucky to have not been adversely effected by the Coronavirus. Since I’ve had extra time on my hands I wanted to reflect on what I’ve learned during sheltering in place.

1. Relationship Fulfillment

Relationships with a spouse or partner, siblings, parents, co-workers, all provide a very different level of fulfillment in our lives. It is crazy to believe that we would receive 100% relationship fulfillment from who we live with, and that they’ll satisfy all of our needs. I’ve never felt this more than I do now. In a typical week we interact with many people and they all fill our “emotional tanks” in very different ways. Putting that onus 100% on who we live with can cause relationship tension, which we see is trending among couples and marriages. Put quite simply, your…

Most people are unprepared to deal with a pandemic.

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Coronavirus is knocking on the door and coming in whether or not we’re ready. And that’s the key…whether or not we’re ready. One big takeaway I’ve seen early on is how unprepared most Americans are to survive a pandemic like this. The government bailouts are highly praised, and we wait on them in order to put food on our tables or keep the lights on. Don’t get me wrong, these bailouts have helped a lot of families across the country. But in the midst of the appreciation, we can lose sight of the core problem that caused the need to…

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“Why do bad things happen to good people?” The undying question. We find ourselves asking this question during times of strife and trouble. It’s a question we ask in the moment, but very rarely follow through on and search for the answer. The answer to this question is a deep one, that touches on the relationship between the mind and the body, what we can and cannot control, and how we choose to navigate “difficult” situations.

The Background Story

It was a cold Fall evening in 2011. Throughout my college years which I spent in London, I would spend the weekends with my…

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